Kitchen Faucets, what you should know before you buy one!

Quality is important when selecting a faucet. Of utmost importance is where you purchase your faucet. Faucets, no matter the brand or quality, have a tendency to need service once in a while. Service is supposed to come from the dealer, not the manufacturer, so choose wisely! If you are wondering why some faucets are cheap and some expensive, listen to this short video!



Make sure you are buying from an Authorized Dealer. If not, you may have no warranty and may receive a faucet that has been returned from a prior customer!

NEW no-lead law. This is a must see video!



A quality faucet should generally have some weight to it. If it feels light, consider another faucet unless your dealer can give you strong recommendations. One of the most important factors is the quality of the aerator. The water should be aerated well so it does not splash when it hits the bottom of the sink or a dish you might be washing by hand.


A long reach is the cure for many back aches. Where the water drops in the sink is where you have to work. If the faucet is short and you have to reach to get your hands under the water, that is a prescription for an ongoing backache. Speak with your dealer, as the sink you choose will impact the length of the spout.

Side Spray:

Purchase a side spray that is not all plastic. Side sprays are notorious for falling apart. A quality side spray is essential for washing tall pots and pans as well as rinsing your sink.

Pull out Spray:

A quality pull out spray may do the trick! Watch out... cheap faucets use cheap materials. The rubber hose inside the pull out spray can be often made of cheap rubber. When heated, it can twist and rupture. I have heard of inexpensive faucets rupturing after a year of use.


Don't be fooled by a long warranty on an inexpensive faucet. The manufacturer banks on the fact that you will not wait for parts for a week or more, pay for a plumber to replace them etc. The cost of the plumber will eclipse any savings and the manufacturer knows that. They are hoping for a new faucet sale. There are many moving parts and potential for problems in a faucet, so select a quality kitchen faucet.

Buying online:

Be very careful. We have heard that some of the low prices found online are due to the purchase of returns and seconds. Some of the online retailers have agreements with large distributors where they purchase returned goods. These products are supposedly in new condition, but there is no guarantee. We have heard of faucets being delivered missing parts and showing signs of installation. Secondly, some online companies purchase factory seconds. We have heard that many manufacturers will not honor warranty claims unless the product was purchased from an authorized dealer. One authorized online dealer tells us they receive calls, regularly, from customers missing parts from so-called new faucets. The manufacturer directs them to this online company who has to pass on the high cost of replacement parts. So, the moral here... if the price is very low and seems to be out of synch with the rest of the dealers, be very wary.

Consider buying from companies that make their products in the USA, like Waterstone.